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Welcome to Semplice

Semplice's project born in 2015, for the love of the music, we search producers that want to propose their original style, without restriction. We offer promopoll, the online distribution and engraving on vinyl (under accord with artists and promoters).We love the music and we love the sonority of your soul. If you are of these producers and you trust in your tracks, go on demo session,read the policy demo and send your demo to us. Our staff listen all demos.

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Demo Policy

We ask you to dedicate your track privately, don't share your tracks in any social network (Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Mixcloud etc..) before release date
We have a dedicated team for listen every single demos that will be sent to us, so you will always have an answer from us, be it positive or negative.

Our Services

Mixing and Mastering

For all our artists we offer a mastering of the tracks from Bosterloop studio, our mastering service.

Mixing is optional and not included with the release of the product.

Cover art design

Our releases are inclusive of cover art, but we accept your cover art if it's in hight quality and in line with our style.

Promo Pool

One or two months before release , we send the tracks at all contacts of fm radio, webradio and djs that we have in our contacts


For any questions or for sending your demo, press "contact us" below

(For listening or downloading, please only link)