"We catalogue the sonority"

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About Us

Semplice is an italian project was born in 2015, for the love of the music.
We search producers that want to propose their original style, without restriction.
If you are of these producers and you trust in your tracks, go in to the contacts page and send the link with your demo. Our staff listen all demos.

Our projects

We have two main projects:

- Give service as a label and as an independent recording studio. We're working hard every day for increase our quality.
- Creating private events dedicated to niche electronic music lovers.
In these situations we touch a multiplicity of sounds.
It's not a fixed appointment, you need to send an email to:
You will be informed about events and live shows, with instructions to find the location

Demo Policy

Important points

- Please send us a "fresh" tracks.
- We listen all demos.
- We skip only the files in attached, so please send us a downloadable links or private link for listen your creation.